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My podcasts are for the Lord God of Israel's Covenant people, the actual Christians, as they would be known today, or The Israel of God as the Lord God of Israel calls them.

I am not interested in the sin and evil of the false vine, the antichrist 'church' system, I serve The True Vine, Him who is The Truth of God.

I believe you are going to see the collapse of 'Christianity' in this land, and across the world soon, leaving God's people and Satan's people clearly separated out.  Things have been very foggy for years and the distinctions blurred.

My podcasts are for the encouragement of those on the narrow way, most will not know what I am talking about, of course.  If, however, the Lord God of Israel has spoken into you, and done a real work in new birth, and ongoing sanctification, my podcasts are for you.  If you wish to see my videos you can go to my site and see the links there;